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1. 一个以为不会走,一个以为会挽留,于是缘分就走到了头。

He thought she would stay while she thought he would beg. So, their luck ran out.

2. 她依旧是我的软肋,而我却已不再是她的铠甲。

She is still my weakness, but I am no longer her armor.

3. 寂寞是所有大城市的通病。

Loneliness is the problem that all big cities share.

4. 我们都在等。等什么?等对方放下。

Both of us are waiting for the opposite side to let go.

5. 我要的是你的真心,你的全部。我不希望你心里有任何其他人的位置,藏得再深也不行。

I want you to love me wholeheartedly. I don’t want you to hide anybody else in your heart, not even in a corner.

6. 那种不怕受伤的支持,我做不到了。

I am no longer able to support someone with no fear of being hurt.

7. 不是每个人都能叫前任,而前任并非只是某个人,而是每一个走过的人在你心里留下的痕迹。

Not everyone can be called an ex, and the ex is not a certain person, but the traces they have left on your heart.

8. 再深的感情也抵挡不住缘分的交错。

Some people are destined to meet but fated to be apart.

9. 有些人注定是让你成长的。

Some people are meant to make you grow.

10. 有时候老天让你等,是为了让你等对的人,但对的人不一定是最爱你的,有些人注定有缘无份。现在只想珍惜眼前人。

Sometimes, you must wait for your Mr. Right. But he may not necessarily be the one who loves you the most. Some people are destined to meet but not fated to be together. I just want to cherish the one I am with right now.


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